May 21, 2022


Initially, the drug was developed for veterinary medicine, but later became much more relevant in the field of bodybuilding. Today Boldenone is known as an effective delayed-acting anabolic steroid. Its effect is not as pronounced as, for example, that of Nandrolone, but it is more stable and stable. Due to the minimal set of side effects, it is considered one of the safest in its segment, and is actively used by bodybuilders to build muscle mass and increase endurance.

Many athletes do not use injectable steroids in principle, preferring traditional tablet preparations. Therefore, Boldenone’s solution is not so common in USA, although it is very popular abroad. At a low price, it is minimally harmful to health, and has many more positive effects than negative ones. It is worth buying Boldenone if only because it:

  • has minimal estrogenic activity; 
  • not subject to aromatization;
  • does not affect progesterone levels;
  • improves the production of red blood cells;
  • increases endurance;
  • improves appetite;
  • has a positive effect on power performance.

The effect of Boldenone on mass is not as pronounced as that of other steroids, but it grows proportionally, without deteriorating muscle quality. The “long-lasting” effect takes more time, so the standard course of administration lasts not 4-6 weeks, but 9-10.

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Boldenone is essentially synthesized testosterone, which is commonly used to give the body an immediate signal to build muscle.


This steroid is one of the safest, and the side effects from taking it are either very mild or not at all. It has practically no toxic effect on the liver, does not disturb the natural hormonal balance, and can even be used by women in the early stages of pregnancy.

The only serious danger can be associated with overdose, so carefully monitor the daily dose, and do not overuse injections before training.


Athletes who have already experienced the benefits of the drug note its smooth, gradual effect on the body, without sudden bursts of activity. Unlike tableted steroids, Boldenone solution needs to be injected only once a week, 400-800 mg each – depending on the state of health and body weight. Admission recommendations are as follows:

  • the maximum weekly dose should be 700-800 mg;
  • it makes no sense to reduce the dose below 400 mg, since the beneficial effect of the steroid will be reduced to zero;
  • injections can be combined with other types of sports doping;
  • before starting the course, it is advisable to undergo a medical examination;
  • with an active set of muscle mass, it is advisable to shorten the course from 10 to 6-7 weeks.
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When using Boldenone, as a rule, there is a slow but steady increase in muscle mass

For those who want to experience Boldenone on themselves, reviews from other users are the most reliable source of information. In most cases, they are positive, even taking into account the fact that not all bodybuilders agree to use injections.