July 3, 2022


An injectable steroid, boldenone undecylenate, previously used exclusively in veterinary medicine, has an excellent balance of androgenic and anabolic properties. These properties allowed athletes to use the drug to achieve the results they wanted.

The chemical is based on the testosterone molecule, which has a double compound of 1 and 2 carbon atoms. This connection made it possible, in comparison with testosterone, to halve the androgenic characteristics, leaving the androgenic level the same. With a reduced androgenic activity, boldenone is impeccably useful for those wishing to add muscle mass, not prone to leaving after the end of the cycle of use.

Boldenone in its structure is not very different from testosterone in composition, but has a milder effect on the body.

For athletes, boldenone is also useful in that after its use, the production of erythropoietin in the kidneys is stimulated, which helps to increase the synthesis of erythrocytes, active transporters of oxygen to the cells. Oxygenated muscle cells are more resistant to destruction, which is a huge plus during intense and stressful workouts.

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Boldenone is a great choice for every athlete


Being versatile in use, boldenone is suitable both in combination with other anabolic steroids for advanced bodybuilders and as a stand-alone steroid for inexperienced athletes. It turns out that athletes who have decided to buy Boldenone 300 mg using it will definitely not lose.


  • Increase in strength indicators;
  • Decreased recovery time after exercise;
  • Limited increase in stamina;
  • Highlighting the relief of blood vessels;
  • Reducing the time required to update the blood composition in the body;
  • Enriching the body with nutrients.

Boldenone, unlike some strong anabolic agents, does not suppress appetite, thereby not interfering with the body’s essential calories during intense workouts. By following a protein diet and taking nutritional sports supplements, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of the use of boldenone.


Given the level of experience of the athlete and the results to be achieved, boldenone in a dosage not exceeding 1000 milligrams should be taken once a week.

The amount of dosage must be chosen individually, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the steroid. The course of using boldenone in combination with such anabolic agents as trenbolone or essential compounds of male hormones is perfect for gaining the total proportion of muscles, while promoting the synthesis of testosterone in your own body. Anavar or Winstrol, when combined with boldenone, will bring strong drying effects, clearly highlighting the muscular and venous relief.

Any other combinations are possible, but a decision on this matter is possible only after consulting a specialist or in consultation with professional athletes.

Using it, athletes will not be able to worry about the negative effects that can be expected from the drug. With reasonable dosage, there are none. The dosage for the fair sex, it is not desirable to exceed more than 100 milligrams, however, even such an amount will allow you to quickly achieve quite visible positive and desired changes.

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Boldenone is one of the most preferred steroids by athletes not only in weightlifting and bodybuilding, but also in other sports


With optimal doses, any side effects won’t bother you. At high doses, aromatization is possible, and therefore it would be advisable to take aromatase inhibitors after the course, Nolvadex or Provimed .

Overestimating the dose, be prepared for such side reactions as: increased aggressiveness, oily skin, acne.